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Topic of Cancer:
Where beating cancer is personal

Web & Media

Topic of Cancer is a registered charity that raises awareness and funds for the essential research into cancer immunotherapy, and organises its own cancer support groups.

Advancing Immunology

Topic of Cancer places great importance on the fact that the UK, and its immunology research centres, contribute massively to the advancement of Immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer. The charity aims to promotes an awareness of Immunotherapy, and to be a resource for more information.

Support Groups

Another facet of the charities work, is to establish and encourage local cancer support groups for those affected by cancer, or for those in cancer recovery.

Simplify and engage

As a result of the development and awareness of the charity, we were asked to develop a new website theme that could build on the interest in Immunotherapy, and connect and communicate to people, the many activities of the charity; to provide an enhanced experience.

The new website is our integrated response to the brief, designed to be soft, reflective and responsive, able to deliver an array of media to engage a wider audience, via an expanding variety of devices.

Using our bespoke WordPress Content Management System or CMS, we can customise main page content and menu items, event calendars, blogs and comments with links to social media, including rss feeds of relevant research activity. The new website aims to pull together social, scientific and academic content from across the internet, specific to Cancer Immunotherapy research and treatments, as well as, in the future, providing streaming of specially commissioned videos and presentations.

The project is an ongoing programme and GWL Creative are working with Topic of Cancer to simplify and re-design the experience of their multiple on-line conversations, thereby creating a unified look and feel, and interaction across all platforms. The aim – to provide one voice across multiple channels.

Website: www.topicofcancer.org.uk

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