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Creative Shorts is the GWL Creative video brand responsible for providing affordable, but engaging, promotional videos that make your company, product or service stand out. They can be used in social media, embedded in websites, on your business YouTube channel, within advertising campaigns, presentations, or simply on your mobile device for immediate use.

The videos do not have to involve expensive new footage, videos can use existing or new high resolution still images combined with thought provoking text, music or voice-over, and our imaginative input, to create an inspired production for your business.

To discuss your next project, please call us on 01243 216115.

Sample: A Recipe for success...

Built by Blueprint: Chiswick Development


Cancervive Website Promo

Built by Blueprint: Cleo's Flat

Logo Sting

Logo Sting

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PTGH Promo

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Finding Matt Book Promo